"The great brave adorned will shout their individuality from the rooftops with their choice of eye-catching designs.
A cutting edge experience, wearing sexy and glamorous fashion with soul."

Miss Be was founded by the French designer Emmanuelle Blanc in 1999.

She grew up in Paris, where discovering her creativity by working for the TV- and film-industry. At the same time she wrote a detective novel called “Merci pour le scoop “published by Hatier Editions, Paris, France in 1996.
Not entirely fulfilled, yet, she started traveling and jet setting around the globe, got inspired by the visits (and styles) in many different countries, eventually started making her first designs by herself and since simply evolved her skills and fantasy.

Emmanuelle  Blanc has had  successful shops  in Ibiza/Spain, Brighton /UK, Goa/India, as well as she became a wholesaler and exhibiting at several well known fashion trade shows , such as “Pure” in London and ”Londonedge” in London and New York.

She has now a Boutique in Vienna, Austria called : Miss be Glamour Boutique .
Passionately she continued to come up with ever more exciting creations, which left more and more women from Australia to the West coast of the U.S, South America, from Russia to as far as South Africa or Japan and of course all over Europe being addicted

Miss Be  is a nice brand for confident women who want to be ahead in fashion. :
The fusion of Avant-garde, Cabaret, Amazonian  and Burlesque  styles of Miss Be give you the freedom to be one with yourself and confident with your looks.
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