The California desert is a veritable terrain of the forgotten dreams and ruined abodes of passing souls who have tried to brave it's harsh conditions. Like a forgotten scene from the Road Warrior, the unique fashions of Emmanuelle Blanc's fashion label Miss Be descend on this wasteland like a refreshing desert wind. This collection, Influenced by equal parts Rock and Roll festival culture with a dash of Cabaret play perfectly against the twisted metal and earthy hues of the region. Wildly ragged-out jackets and leather utility vests mix with lacy and revealing skirts to stay cool and fashionable in the furnace rays of the sun. Will the post-apocalyptic world look this sexy? We hope so.

Fashion designer : Emmanuelle Blanc []
Photographer : Sequoia Emmanuelle []
Video artist : Galen Oakes []
Photographers Assistant : Bodhi Cole Hairstylist...