Miss-Be Testimonials 2015

I feel as though I need to express my love of Emmanuelle and her Miss Be clothing. I have been a client, although she makes you feel like family, for many years now and will continue to be. Her attention to detail and quality is exceptional. She understand the body and how clothing should fit it. She also taps into the mind as well, her clothing makes me feel confident and beautiful. Emmanuelle has always been professional and prompt. I would highly recommend her.

Lindsay Taylor Marsh

Emmanuelle's natural eye for style is intuitive yet skillful. I have been dressed in her designs for 5 years, and when I found her dresses I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Not only were they forward thinking in material, design, and in comfortability, but they also represented an ancient world of Victorian charm. Emmanuelle makes accessing high fashion very enjoyable, natural, and stress-free. She makes you feel comfortable in your skin, and always highlights my best features! I would recommend her for fashion shoots, film and personal styling for any occasion! Her dresses and designs are so versatile and can go from casual and comfortable to high-class glamour very effortlessly. Thank you Emmanuelle for making fashion and styling a very pleasurable experience!

Lauren Haha

When one looks in my closet the most exciting beautiful thing would of course be a piece of my MISS collection. As a professional photographer I am always looking to dress with style to show my artistic flare but I need to be able to be comfortable for movement. Designs by Emmanuelle are the perfect amount of classy and comfort with an edge. I also really enjoy photographing all of her designs, Not only is it supper flattering for the girls but her designs adds an element to the photos of authentic creative beauty. I am a huge fan! The best part is Emmanuelle is the most amazing person. To find an artist that is so talented but as humble and real as the come is so refreshing. She is personal and warm a delight to work with. I can't wait to see more of her work unfold.

Somer Ahonen

A Dreamer A Traveller Emmanuelle Blanc Emmanuelle has always had a vision, that's is a class apart from most, her style is a relaxed blend of the laid back woman who is rigorous and modern. Her garments have great patterns that elevate a woman's mood and truly boost her ego. I was lucky to model a few of her garments while in Goa. She has the perfect understanding of which garment will work best, her energy on a shoot is unbelievable and her sense of direction is unimaginable. Besides being good at what she does, she is angelic, a lovely person to talk too and yes of course her calm surreal smile is always welcoming. Her art is a must to look out for ...!!! All the best in everything that you do.

Kean Alvarez

inspiring work! — Jenni Nexus

Emmanuelle is an amazing designer, stylist, writer and human being. — Joshua S Penman

Emmanuelle Blanc is in my opinion, one of the most talented and creative women I have ever met!!! I cannot even begin to stress that enough! I had the extreme pleasure of meeting and working with her 2 years ago and I can honestly say, it has changed me not only for the better but also forever. I am very much a creature of habit and tend to wear black (In a Gothic sense) 99% of the time. She literally brought me to the light and showed me that there are so many other options out there for me...options that would make me feel more fulfilled and beautiful. Her clothing as well as her styling in general made me feel more beautiful than I ever have before. Her fashion sense is on POINT and she pulls her creativity from not just America but from all over the globe..France, India..etc (which is extremely apparent when you look through her own clothing line she has designed). — Lace Grainger

I've had the incredible pleasure of personally work with the iconic fashion consultant Emmanuelle Blanc, and I was completely amazed at what she created. She put together various unique looks for me that totally transformed me each time. My jaw dropped when I saw the photos because they looked like they came out of W magazine! Emmanuelle is a styling genius and it was so much fun to work with her under her direction. I was constantly amazed at her ability to always improve the artistic look of the project. Her creative vision is top notch, definitely high fashion magazine quality. She strives for excellence every step of the way. When something isn't fulfilling that excellence, she's flexible, a quick thinker, and easily comes up with something new and even more stunning. I just love working with her. I've also watched her work her genius talent and magic on the set with other people and everyone just stares at her with amazement. I feel blessed to have worked with her — GemIneye Ferriee